Choose To Live A Healthy, Happy Life…Please!

And lights out! My youngest son, my baby, is having an operation today to make his breathing, sleeping, speech and life in general so much better.

Even though I know this, as a parent there is nothing quite as disconcerting and uncomfortable, and just kinda wrong as watching your child be ‘put to sleep’. He will be just fine though, he is such a strong boy. I know that his quality of life will be greatly enhanced and improved, and this is what I think of as I wait for the call to say he has woken up.

Ok, so two minutes have passed, what happened to that time just flies thing….?

The blog I actually want to write about today has stemmed from me being here with Zack. Sitting in the hospital foyer, then wards and now in the warm lovely sun at the cafe whilst waiting….(3 minutes!)

I have to say I’m always overwhelmed at hospitals, if ever you need a health reality check come and hang here. Nurses, doctors, support staff I take my hat off, you are the worlds saviours, the comfort, support and love I’m watching you all offer, is heart warming, such kindness and offering hope to so many. Thank you!

And that’s just it, so many. So many sick people. I realise many are here like my Zack to make improvements to their health, which is fabulous. However most I’m seeing are not. I look around and pray that, that lady over there hunched over, struggling to breathe let alone stand up isn’t me someday, she doesn’t look that old, and the guy on whatever machine that is, with the gray complexion, I pray that is never my husband. You get what I mean. No one wants to be here. This is not how life should be, especially as we get older, shouldn’t life be about doing all the things we love, going where we haven’t before, being around family & friends we’ve spent a lifetime gathering. Not here, not like this, uncomfortable, in pain, unhappy and unwell. No it should not be like this. I’m saddened looking around.

Today more than ever I continue the life promise to myself (and I’d love it to be yours too); the mornings I don’t want to get up to move my body, I’m just going to do it, because I feel amazing for it, it keeps me young, healthy and well. The nights I want more than ‘too many glasses of wine’ I’m just not going to do it, as it doesn’t serve me, mentally or physically, minimal and moderation, or not at all when it comes to alcohol, the damage it does is, and can be horrendous . I will always choose to eat well, real, whole foods made by nature not man, man made food (processed, refined rubbish) is not for humans, it most certainly does not serve us, in fact is making us sick and slowly killing us.

I’m going to honour and listen to my body, rest when it tells me too, sleep when I need it, act when there are symptoms, these are signs your body give you to listen and act accordingly! I’m going to stop overthinking, stop stress, stop worry. They do not serve, they simply steal your joy. I’m going to be grateful and thankful every single day for the abundance I have already in my life.

I’m doing it alright, because looking around, here’s what I know; if you don’t have your health, you have nothing! Making good, life enhancing choices is the only choice, if you want a long, well, healthy, happy life, instead of ending up here. Will this absolutely guarantee you supreme health until your dying day, no, but it sure as hell gives you a bloody good shot, filled with energy, vitality, self love, health and happiness!

And it is worth it, you are worth it!

Have a truly fabulous healthy, happy life!

Love Megs xxx


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