Enter & WIN $150!




Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our 10 quick questions below. Please press reply and post your answers, you automatically go in the draw to win $150 of Arbonne products of your choice.

Your feedback is so valuable, we appreciate your time and effort. Good luck in the competition too…….let’s go…….



When purchasing cosmetics, skin care, sunscreen & nutritional vitamins & supplements, how important is it for these products to be chemical free & natural?

a. It’s not important
b. A little important
c. Very important
d. I only purchase chemical free & natural
What product category interests you the most? (Circle one or as many as you like)

a. Cosmetics
b. Skin care
c. Nutrition
d. None

How often do you wear makeup?
a. Everyday
b. Weekends
c. Special occasions
d. I don’t wear makeup

I use skincare?

a. Everyday
b. Weekends
c. Occasionally
d. Never

How important is your Health & wellness to you?

a. Very important
b. Important
c. Somewhat important
d. Not important
e. I really want to make improvements to health & wellness

What would you like to have more of? (Circle one or as many as you like)

a. Time
b. Money
c. Freedom
d. Fun
e. All of the above

How do you do most of your shopping?

a. In store
b. Online
c. Both equally
d. Other:
Would you like information and/or samples on; (circle one or as many as you like)

a. Cosmetics – colours, how to apply
b. Skincare – skin type, wrinkles, tone
c. Nutrition – products, asssesment
d. Business – how you can start your own
e. None of the above

Please send information to, email:______________________________________________________
Please call:_________________________________________________
Post samples to:____________________________________________
Could you refer anyone who would be interested in;

a. Cosmetics
b. Skincare
c. Nutrition
d. Business
e. No I don’t know anyone to refer

Referral name/ number/ email:_________________________________________________________

Which of the following interests you?

a. Reading
b. Personal development
c. Helping others
d. Personal achievements
e. Travel

Thank you so very much for completing our questionnaire, your feedback is so valuable! And good luck in the competition!

Winner announced 1st June on social media and directly.

Love Megs xxx

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