Live & Love Big, Now!



After reading about the passing of yet another young, incredible human the world has lost due to this hideous thing we call cancer, I was prompted to write this blog.

I didn’t know this woman personally but read her blogs and followed her journey. Right up until the last, this amazing woman was being true to herself, living big, making her voice heard and not shying away for anyone or anything. It got me a little fired up, and thinking about how so many of us live, or more aptly don’t live.

We all have just one life, one go. When it comes to doing what we love, being successful, doing our own unique thing, living a happy full life, why do so many of us shrink? What are we afraid of? Failure? What other people think of us? What other people might say about us? I’m sorry but for lack of better wording – fuck that! Why would or should we play small, why would we not be loudly, proudly, authenticity us, chasing down every dream and desire, and work our butts off to achieve them.

What’s that I hear? Don’t have enough time, don’t have enough money, not smart enough, not good enough, too many commitments. I’ve used them all too – again I’m sorry but bullshit!

What if your circumstances changed and choices got taken away from you? Right now, you have a choices! I’m not saying you have to ditch all your responsibilities, leave your job that you don’t like or do just for the money to get by (just yet), or stop looking after someone in your care, however you can start, as small or big as you can, just start!

We create those limiting beliefs, just as we can create positive ones. Will everything come easily and without effort, without doubts and second guessing yourself, no, but if it matters to you, and you want it, and you believe it, you can!

I think we should be more afraid of not trying, not giving all of ourselves to what makes us happy, successful, free, in fear of what others may think or fear of failure. Not giving our all to make this the best, most amazing existence for ourselves and our family and loved ones, that’s what we should be afraid of. How does not going after what makes you happy serve you, your family, your community, your world? The world needs you to be the best, biggest you that you can be!

In just a moment your entire life could be so different! Don’t wait! Take the risk! If you fall, get up and try again! Jump into your best life – all in! Not everyone is going to like you, support you, or believe in you, but the ones that matter will, starting with you!

In the past my younger self didn’t take this advice, so fearful of not being enough, not being liked, failing, not being successful, fear of not being as good as the next person. I played so small, went with the flow, mediocre was my life status, did nothing, ignored my dreams because of fear! This is not how we should live! This is not how I want my children to live, I want them to shine!

If you were to look death in the face today, right now, how would you feel? Honestly. Would you be happy with where you are, what you’re doing? Satisfied you are living a full life, working on and for your hopes and dreams, being true to yourself? If yes, fantastic, you are an inspiration! Or like many, would you have regrets that you didn’t go for something you really wanted, didn’t live the way you would have liked?

The great news is, it’s not too late, get out there, find your joy, your freedom, make a decision, make a plan and go for it! It’s amazing what happens when your mind is made up, the universe conspires to help you. Your mind is like a muscle, exercise it and it will get stronger.

When your day comes and you are no longer for this world, and we really do not know when that day is, will you smile to yourself thinking, oh hell yea! What an amazing full, incredible life! Or will you be left thinking, what if….and have regrets.

I choose to live my life my way, with love, big, bold, and beautiful, and on days I fall down, I’ll pick myself up, remind myself what a blessing my life is and that taking each breath is a gift some people no longer have, and get on with this awesome life. This is what I will show and teach my children by example, live, love big! I wish this for you, your family, your loved ones and friends! Who are you to not live big! Jump into your life- all in!

Lots of love, strength, courage and kindness. Megs xxx

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