Chemical Free Cosmetics – A Must!




Having a 16 year old daughter that absolutely loves cosmetics, and I mean LOVES cosmetics, meant I had to get my research hat on and find the best for her and me.

What the best meant for me was; absolutely chemical free, and no nasties and affordable. Being a slightly over-protective mother, and being well aware that our largest organ (our skin) absorbs chemicals faster that eating them in our food, meant no chemicals was of utmost importance.

What the best meant for my daughter was; great colour variety, blends well, great coverage and perfect application.

So there was no way I was not going to research and find the best option for both of us.

After much researching  it was reassuring to  find there are a few good vegan, chemical free brands in the market. Choosing one came down to meeting all of mine, and my daughters requirements as well. Many ocosmetics ranges are full of ingredients that I am not prepared to allow my daughter or myself to use.

I found some really useful and great information, I also found some really scary information, did you know over a woman’s lifetime wearing lipstick every day, that up to 2o entire lipsticks can be consumed! If they are chemical laden, that’s a lot of nasty chemicals being consumed just in lipstick alone! Also,many of the most expensive and popular perfumes on the markets can contain up to 27 different chemicals!

The importance of chemical free really kicked up a notch for me on reading just these two pieces of information. The best company in my eyes was the one that produced pure and safe products, uses only botanical ingredients, do not test on animals (yes this does still happen – not cool!) and are earth friendly. This pleased and satisfied me greatly as did the very reasonable pricing. The extensive range, colours and application pleased and satisfied my daughter, so it was a win win for both of us. I now introduce this brand to all my friends and family.

images-3 imgres

Finding the best quality wasn’t hard, it just took a little time and put my mind at ease that my daughter and I are not only not using dangerous ingredients on our skin, but ingredients that are beneficial and look fabulous! Happy mama!

Please feel free to ask any questions and share this post if it may interest anyone you know.

Today I am grateful for my loving, smart daughter who is pure beauty inside and out.

Stay well and grateful!

Love Megs xxx



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