Reduce Your Risk – Disease Manifestation


For the past few months, in my Nutrition Medicine course,  I have been studying Disease Manifestation. Today, 4 exams and 3 assessments later I’m done and I am just 18 months away from being a qualified Nutritionist!  It’s a great feeling completing a unit of study and being that little bit closer to my goal, and that little bit wiser. I love learning anything and everything about health and hope I never stop.


As you may have guessed I am super passionate about nutrition and health & wellness in general. I love feeling great, and feel hugely inspired by people who contribute to others feeling well and great! On completing this study unit, what concerned me most was how much we contribute to our own diseases, and the staggering numbers associated to each disease and illness. Of course, there are genetic predispositions, environmental factors and other risk factors to certain diseases, however overwhelmingly there was, us, humans creating many or most of the risk factors to our own health problems.

A common thread also was that until we get sick, unwell and diagnosed with something nasty, such as cancer, only then were we concerned with ‘how to get well’. I do believe we have an incredible amount of control in our own health and staying well in the first place. As mentioned I know this is not always possible, but the old saying, ‘what we eat is either feeding or fighting disease’is very true.

Four of the biggest most common risk factors in many or most diseases were sugar, poor diet, smoking and alcohol. Sorry folks that is the truth of it, the good news is we can control all four of those common risk factors and reduce our risk.

It may seem overwhelming to change or break poor habits, however just starting small, like simply cutting down on the bad stuff, and adding more of the good, and over time increase the good and before you know it the bad will pushed out.

For example, make Monday a meat-free meal night, make at least four days a week alcohol free, (however don’t save them up and binge on the weekend, that is just as bad), add three new green veges to your family dinner, start walking 3-4 times a week, ask a friend to join you, start having 2-3 vege/fruit juices a week, start taking good quality supplements. Once you start feeling the benefits of your healthier actions you will want to keep going!


There are so many simple tweaks you could make to cut down your risk of disease, if you need any simple advice please feel free to comment below and I will answer/ help the best I can, and share some of my simple wellness tips.

Have a fantastic day, stay well and grateful for every day!

Today I am grateful for the weather being overcast, so I can snuggle with my little darlings and watch movies!

Love Megs xxx   



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