My 90 Day Journey Back To Me Starts TODAY!

DAY 1.

As life will have it, I have had quite a few challenging situations of recent months, which has led to relationship challenges,  letting my health and wellness slip a little, finding myself a bit blah in my work, and feeling a little down. Finding I have no time left for me everyday once everything else is done.  I am normally a very up, optimistic, happy go lucky person but I must admit I am finding most things I normally find easy, quite challenging right now.

I guess there are times in our lives where we just feel like we are not cutting it and are not sure which way to go, or even how to start to get out of the difficulties we find ourselves in.

A couple of days ago I made the decision to get the hell out of my funk before it leaches into all areas of my life, the only problem was I had no idea how! I feel a little lost. Which made me feel worse and scared, and focusing on all the things I’m not doing well. I’m cranky and irritable with the kids, I’m unproductive at work, I’m not exercising, I’m not eating as well as I should, I’m drinking too much wine, I’m not this that, I’m not that. What’s going on! Where have I gone? Who is this speaking?  I don’t recognize this woman!

Today I went for a very long walk on the beach, and asked the questions over and over, what’s wrong with me? What is happening? And the truth is there is nothing wrong with me, I’m tired and overwhelmed with my work load, and responsibilities, and sometimes we don’t deal with things as well as we normally do. My husband works away three out of four weeks and my four children rely solely on me to get them where they need to be, fed, looked after, clean, in bed on time, with clean clothes and needs met! Not to mention the endless, thankless, cleaning, washing and general household duties. Oh and I work in my shop full time!

I have decided I need to start focusing on me, my health and wellness, my loves, my work and everything in between. As I have so much to fit into my agenda everyday I have decided I need to have a solid daily plan so I not flailing. So I have decided to eliminate everything that does not serve me for 90 days and do what does serve me for 90 days and take it from there hopefully with more clarity.

Today I started my list, what does not serve me, and what does, here’s what I came up with;

Does Serve Me – Definitely Included In The Next 90 Days

Nutritious foods, juices, veges, fruit – anything that serves my body energy, helps me rest, rejuvenate, sleep, if it’s good it’s in!

Walking, yoga, meditation – I always feel so good if I include these to my morning routine, they are all back in

Writing a daily blog – I love to write and have neglected this of late

Organise my day the night before – I’m am a routine girl and I love to know what I need to do each day

Start fresh goals for work – I’m needing a fresh approach, to spark my fire for what I love – health and wellness

Schedule the ‘to do’s’ and do far more cuddling and talking with my children

Reading – I LOVE to read! (Just quietly I am obsessed with health books, especially from people that have made incredible recoveries and changes)


Does Not Serve Me – Not Included In The Next 90 Days

Alcohol – (fun initially) then leaves me foggy, unmotivated and a bit down

Negative people – saps my energy, drive, and brings me down

Coffee, sugar & anything that doesn’t serve nutrients to my body

Negative self talk – monkey mind is banished

Old frustrating ways of doing business – a few things feel a bit tired so I need a new fresh start here

Winging it – it’s ok from time to time but in a busy full household it doesn’t work

SO this is a start! Tomorrow is day 2 on my journey back to me!

Today I am grateful for mistakes being good lessons!

Love Megs xxx


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  1. Good for you. I think it’s in the air.. Life seems to be getting more difficult but I agree with you. Time to take charge. Might join you!

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