Our Health Is All We Have. Without It Nothing Else Matters

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Hello, hope you are having a beautiful day today!  I felt to compelled to write today’s blog after a conversation that made me think more about what matters most, our health.

I was recently having a conversation with a friend about how in 50 years time the sea line where we live in Kingscliff would be half way across the street, where both our shops are, this would be wiping out the road if nothing was done to stop it. My friend is thinking about buying a unit nearby.

After our conversation I thought to myself, well you’ll probably move or sell before 50 years or so anyway. It then dawned on me that neither of us will probably be here either in 50 years, making us 96 & 94!

It was one of those light bulb moments, it made me think how much we take our body and our health for granted, the likely hood of either of being here was slim, and if we were, in what state?

I realised most of us don’t seem to think or care too much about our body and our health too much until something fails us, or when we are diagnosed with an illness or disease, then all of a sudden, we really really care, we are desperate for ‘an answer’ ‘a miracle’.

This reminded me of a couple of memes doing the circuit on Facebook claiming, ‘buggar all this health stuff, when I die I’m sliding into my grave saying I had one hell of a ride’, (rum and Coke can in hand, and a big chubby tummy) but the truth is there will be no slinging anywhere, it will probably be a case of getting in there in great pain, overweight, feeling and looking bloody awful and possibly quite prematurely saying shit wish I ate the salad!

Living with illness and disease is not a desirable way to live, ask anyone who has been through cancer or heart disease ask them how they felt. With 1 in three men and 1 in four women having some sort of cancer before their 70’s, that’s a lot of us. Why do we not seem to want to do anything for our bodies enough until we get sick then fight for our lives for months or years and with

Why do we not seem to want to do anything for our bodies, our health until we get sick then fight for our lives for months or years and with the possibility of death? That’s just crazy!

What we are doing to our bodies when we drink excessively, smoke, take drugs, eat lots of processed food, sugar? We are feeding illness and disease in our body, add in environmental toxins, like pollution, pharmaceutical drugs and our systems are under huge pressure trying to keep us healthy, but the load gets too heavy and illness and disease creep in and then our poor lifestyle keeps feeding it.

Feeling well feels fantastic, feeling healthy feels fantastic! When you are feeling & looking well and healthy, your skin glows, your body returns to its ideal weight, your energy levels return, your mind is clear and focused! Making you feel like moving, swimming, walking whatever you love, breathing in fresh air and living a full happy life. Eating real, whole and raw foods feed us and nourish us, provides energy, allowing our cells to repair and rejuvenate whilst we rest, we sleep better, everything is better! And we drastically reduce our chances of illness and disease! And greatly increase our chances of living a long, healthy, happy life!

Feeling unwell sucks, it hurts, feeling unhealthy feels terrible. Binge drinking, smoking, eating processed foods and sugar make us feel tired, cranky, depressed, unmotivated, and generally looking and feeling unwell, we are inviting and feeding disease and illness, we are too tired to walk or swim or do what we love, are not our ideal weight, we also perhaps feel down about ourselves and our lives, our cells are unable to repair and rejuvenate, in fact damaged cells could be multiplying and creating illness and disease as we rest, our sleep is broken! And greatly reduce our chances of a long, healthy, happy life.

I know I don’t just want to look and feel great now, I want to live long, I want to be strong and look and feel my best my entire life! I want to be doing what I love everyday for the rest of my life! I have no time to be sick for years and fight for my life and feel dreadful!

Can I absolutely guarantee I will never get ill? No, but I can drastically reduce my chances and feel bloody fabulous on my ride of life!

I certainly do not proclaim to know it all, but here’s what I do know:

All we have is our health. Without it, nothing else matters. 

A fabulous quote from Rosie Garner.

I think we should all share with each other our friends and family our communities what we know, have learnt or are learning.

I am incredibly passionate about this subject and love talking and helping anyone that wants to listen, and I love to learn more from others. I know many wonderful health practitioners to refer.

I am currently studying Nutritional Medicine, over the past 10 years I have worked & researched nutrition and natural remedies, ingredients, and diet to get my middle son well and healthy with no doctors knowing about his disorder. I have read hundreds of books on health, wellness and nutrition from doctors and Naturopaths and health professionals, and have cherry picked hundreds more.

And the same or similar themes read out through them all;

It’s up to us to take care of our health and wellbeing, don’t wait until you are sick, still living well now

Eat real food free from chemicals and toxins, mostly plants, lots of raw

Water – drink water!

Prevention is better than cure (way way better!!!)

There are certain ingredients and supplements our bodies need to help our body systems run effectively ie digestive enzymes to promote digestion and absorption of nutrients

Statistics are bloody frightening with your chances of getting heart disease, cancer and diabetes and others drastically higher with an unhealthy lifestyle

We must move our bodies, exercise of any type, just move

We must love ourselves, and be mindful of our thoughts, our bodies respond to all we do, eat and think and respond accordingly

There are so many toxins, chemicals, pesticides and nasties in our food, water, air, everywhere, we need to eliminate as many as possible, and if our bodies are overloaded they cannot

There are many things to include into our everyday, foods, ingredients, supplements, exercise, mindfulness

If you would like to come and learn about some simple things you can do to greatly improve your health and wellness, and get on the road to a lifestyle you want and deserve please come and join us! We would love to see you and have a chat!

Stay tuned for a date in the next couple of weeks!

Until then stay well!

Today I am grateful for embracing the daily green juice, the sun shining and my friends!

Love Megs xxx

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