Mum’s Keep Your Kids Healthy & Well in 2016 AND At School

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Mums & Dads! Keep your kids healthy and well in 2016…AND at school!

In my house this ‘Kids Health & Wellness Pack’, is called

‘Mum’s Buffer’ and here’s why…

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 It is so hard to provide the perfect diet, cut all sugar and processed foods every single day for our kids, with parties, events, the shopping centre!  As mums & dads we do our very best to ensure our children eat well and get the nutrients they need to learn, play, sleep well, and stay healthy and well.

Our Healthy Kids Pack,  or Mums Buffer, ensures your kids are getting all they need to thrive, create and grow, fight bugs and stay well and strong, be their best.

Good immunity and gut health is paramount to our kids digesting and absorbing nutrients, and is essential for brain function, and muscle growth.

Order online now and save!

  • minimise sick days off school
  • greatly reduce colds & flu – length & severity
  • build strong healthy immunity – to fight off school bugs & nasities
  • assurance your child is getting essential nutrients daily!
  • help prevent disease & illness

Healthy tummies, happy mummies!

  • order online  & delivered to your door
  • pack includes juice & smoothies recipe book from Australia’s favourite Nutritionist -Lola Berry
  • list of product benefits & sample routine on how to use each product every day! – 0439 692 726

Here’s What’s In Our Healthy Kids Pack goodies and why….

1 x 90g chocolate probiotic powder 1 teaspoon is equivalent to 2 litres of yoghurt

promotes healthy digestion, friendly, healthy bacteria, boosts immunity

1 x 750ml Blueberry probiotic punch – my kids LOVE this & it makes up to 10 litres!  So good for happy healthy tummies, excellent for good gut health & immunity

1 x 200g Bio Spark Vitamin C powder – essential for fighting cold & flu & supporting healthy immunity!

1 x  100g Super Greens – we all know how important our greens are and probably the hardest to get into our kids, start by popping small amount into juices & smoothies. Super greens can help counter the over-acidity of processed foods. One of the most nutritious of foods!

1 x 325g Organic Raw Honey – source of vitamins & minerals – vitamin C, calcium and iron, honey is antibacterial, a natural antiseptic, and antioxidant! Go bees!

1 x 170g Organic Baobab Superfood powder – super fruit antioxidant – 10 times the antioxidant power of blueberries! Antioxidants protect against free radical damage and help prevent disease

1 x 150ml  Raw Coconut Oil boosts immune system, improves digestion, richest source of medium chain fatty acids

1 x  80g Organic Turmeric Powder where do I start, this is one of natures heroes! Powerful medicinal properties, anti inflammatory, antioxidant, aids brain function just for starters!

1 x 80g Organic Cinnamon Powder firstly it’s delicious and can be sprinkled everywhere! Also has powerful medicinal properties, lowers blood sugar levels, helps fight bacterial and fungal infections

1 x 80g Organic Ginger Powder – yes another super spice that has powerful medicinal properties, also lowers blood sugar levels, fights infection, reduce muscle pain and soreness, helps with nausea

Juice & smoothie recipe book by Lola Berry!!

10% discount voucher for your next order

Over $300 worth of immunity boosting & wellness products, delivered to your door for just $198.50!!!

ORDER ONLINE NOW for just $198.50

rose lane health & wellness – shop 15 azura arcade 60 marine pde kingscliff – 0439 692 726

Here’s how to use each day….

Chocolate probiotic powder 1 teaspoon in a glass of milk or eat straight off the spoon as my kids do!

Blueberry probiotic punch 15ml in a glass of water or sparkling water

Bio spark vitamin c – 1/4 teaspoon in water or juice

Super greens – 1/2 to 1 teaspoon in a Lola Berry juice recipe

Organic raw honey   1 teaspoon on porridge, on toast, in cooking or straight off the spoon

Organic Baobab superfood powder 1 teaspoon added to a Lola Berry juice or smoothie, or in water

Raw coconut oil 1 heaped teaspoon in juice or smoothie, cooking (excellent for kids skin & hair also)

Organic turmeric 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon added to Lola Berry juice or smoothie in cooking

Organic cinnamon1/2 – 1 teaspoon added to porridge or cereal, cooking or smoothie

Organic ginger1/2 -1 teaspoon added to juice or smoothie, in cooking

Sample of how I get goodies into my kids day

At breakfast –

make a Lola Berry juice or smoothie and add – super greens, coconut oil, turmeric & ginger

make porridge (can add coconut oil in porridge too, its delish!), cereal or toast and add honey & cinnamon

With  afternoon tea –

probiotic punch or bio spark vitamin c in sparkling water or water

After dinner –

probiotic powder in a glass of milk or straight off the spoon

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