How Rose Lane Health & Wellness Got Its Name


55 Rose Lane Kedron. The home for many years, of the two people I love most in the world, George & Daphne Jones, my grandparents.

My fondest childhood memories come from this house in Rose Lane. Vibrant gerbera’s growing in the front garden tended to lovingly by my grandad (my all time favourite flowers, they are so happy!) and the vege patches and fern house in the back yard I used to help water. I can still smell the garden, that beautiful earthy smell of a garden being watered, one of the best smells there is.

My Nan baking pumpkin scones, (another wonderful smell) making milky cups of tea for us with chocolate biscuits. I loved watching her bake, I love to bake for my children, but I don’t come close to being as good as my Nan, even with her recipes!

Meat and three vege cooked by my Nan for dinner every night, and cleaned up after by my grandad. They were a fabulous team. My brothers and I slept there regularly, particularly on a Tuesday night when our mum played tennis. I would sleep with my Nan playing word games until she could take it no longer and my brothers on the fold out lounge.

Every morning my grandad would bring her a cup of tea and Vegemite crackers in bed. I thought he was the best man in the world, and I’m probably not too wrong. George was fun and a funny man, he had the biggest of hearts, he would do anything for anyone. My Nan was the ultimate lady, so beautiful and soft, and generous, and kind she laughed without making any noise, it fascinated me. My daughters middle name is Daphne, and one of my sons, George.

Lots of vege’s from the garden for dinners and stewed fruit mostly prunes and apricots for desert. I loved eating there, and loved when they would tell us which ones came from their garden.

Christmas, table tennis, climbing trees, eating mulberries straight from the tree, lolly snakes, cricket, sprinklers, baking, gardening, swinging on the hills hoist, and laughing, so much fun and laughing at Rose Lane.

I loved Rose Lane, and loved being with my grandparents, I have such wonderful memories implanted forever. I feel truly blessed.

So when it came to finding a name for my business it was easy. I am so passionate about real food, nutrition and health,  I wanted to have a name I was proud of and loved, that had meaning.

I smile every day working on Rose Lane Health & Wellness!

It’s like spending a little bit of time with George & Daphne every day, I am forever grateful to have had such wonderful loving grandparents.

So there you have it. Cool huh!

Love Megs xxx

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