A Little Bit About Me

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Hi my name is Megan,

Rose Lane Health & Wellness is my gorgeous little nutrition business that I love! Named after the street my grandparents lived in, but that’s a whole other story.

I am blessed to live in stunning Kingscliff, I love to cook and create, I have 1 incredible, beautiful, talented and kind daughter and 3 energetic, fun, crazy, gorgeous sons. I am a self confessed crazy passionate nutrition and health nerd! (just ask my kids)

I’m always punctual, I love going out for my morning coffee, my dream house is close to the ocean and enough property to have huge herb and vege gardens and chooks. (Hope to be living there within 12 month!) I feel most free in the sea. I always take 3 deep breaths when I first get to the beach each day.

I make a super healthy thick green juice every morning for my family, that my kids cringe at every morning and my husband calls ‘mums buffer’, I have a motorbike riding, surf crazy husband, I don’t have loads of friends but the ones I have are ‘forever, true’ friends. I love good wine and cheese.

I’m lucky enough to take my morning walk on the beach every day. I am grateful for waking up every day and living my life the way I choose.

My other great passion is reading, I cannot get enough and often wake up with a book on my face in bed, I have multiple bookshelves full of books, many health and wellness related.

I am 44 years old and finally like my body and what it does for me each day and I like who I am! I am passionate about getting other women to feel the same way about themselves!

My family are my heart my soul and my love for them is boundless. I am happy, healthy and extremely grateful for all that I have.

I hope you enjoy my blog and information and I would love feedback and suggestions.

Much love Megs xxx


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