21 Day Wellness Kickstart Program – Starts 11 January 2015!

Rose Lane Health & Wellness

21 DAY WELLNESS PLAN – Starts 11 January 2015




We have put together a simple, easy kick-start for your health and wellness! We have made meals simple, so buying ingredients is simple, the entire 21 days is an ease into starting a healthy life. There is a detailed page of everything you need to know and do.

We are aiming to have you feeling great at the end of your 21 days. Whether you are trying to loose weight, clear your skin, have a healthy glow, feel energised and just feel great, then this is a gentle easy way to get on your health and wellness path.


Here is the first info release on the program:

For 21 day keep it simple and get on your wellness journey!
All you have to do for 21 days is;

Your morning ritual (info in program) followed by:

Select a daily breakfast from 5 easy healthy breakies
Select a daily lunch from 5 simple healthy lunches
Select a daily main meal from 5 yummy easy dinners
Select 2 snacks from the snack list
Select a treat from the goodies list

There is also a list of anytime drinks and snacks.

Also for 21 days you have to;

Select a ‘just for you’ activity from the ‘My Time’ list
Select a ‘move your booty’ activity from the ‘My Beautiful Body’ list
Do 1 random act of kindness for anyone you like (even if you don’t know them)
Be grateful for 3 things every day

You are also going to fill in the bottom of each page with what you selected to eat and drink and the additional activities, how you are feeling at the end of each day, how your body reacted to your exercise, the food you ate, for example after eating oats and milk you felt bloated, and how you feel in general.

Noting all these things for 21 days will help you know what your body likes and doesn’t like, need and does not need.

Writing down what you eat, how you moved, why your grateful etc is so you can monitor yourself what works for you, what makes you feel good.

Stay tuned for the next info blog!

Today I am grateful for the rain watering our gardens.

Much Love Megan xxx

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