21 Day Wellness Kick-Start Program


I am so very excited to announce that our brand new 21 Day Wellness Kick-Start Program will be ready to roll January 11th 2015! It is a kick arse kick start to the new year, to your new journey of health and wellness and feeling bloody fantastic!

Our program is a easy to follow and a super simple start to a life of health and wellness, body and mind.

So, if you are looking to loose a little weight, improve your general health and wellbeing, and just want to feel energised, have clear mind, and feel fabulous, then this program is for you!

Stay tuned to facebook for updates tips and release of the program. Excited!!

You will also record each day, from what food you selected from the meal lists, to what you did to move your booty, to how you are feeling emotionally and physically. You also record what you are grateful for each day and your efforts to be kind to yourself and others. There is a list of recommended reading, web and facebook pages to follow, and lots more, to inspire, motivate and keep you going.

This program will get you off to a great start, a healthy start to a brand new year.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to start Rose Lane, and follow my passion!

Much love Megan xxx

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