Ticking Things off the Bucket List



In my 20’s and even 30’s I thought having a bucket list was a little daft. Now in my early 40’s its not even so much about ticking the bucket list, its getting out there and doing it.

I am also always torn, I want to challenge myself and love the feeling of finishing, ticking, however you look at it, but I always find it daunting going in.

I do have a list, and I do want to do so, so many things with the rest of my life, namely stay fit and healthy so that I stay ‘young’, I’d even be happy with young ‘ish’!

Groups are also not my thing I have discovered, I have a bit of a solo woman thing going on, this is not to say I don’t do any group things, I just find myself a little awkward. Which of course it ok. That’s the great thing being in your 40’s knowing it’s ok to just be you, flaws and all.

So, I at this point from my list I have completed a 10k team stampede obstacle run in Brisbane, I’ve done 2 tempta triathalons in Kingscliff, climbed Mt Warning, completed a first aid course at last, completed my Bronze Medallion in surf Life Saving and have started doing patrols.

I jumped in and started my Nutritional Medicine course, and have started working on a health and wellness business.

Happy? Yes I am! Doing what you love and even things that you love can be challenging, such as raising my 4 amazing children, could not love being their mother more, but challenging at times? Yes indeed.

A bucket list can just help steer you to what you want, whats important and where you want to go. The list have be a delightful combination of simple pleasures to very challenging events. So get writing, get passionate, and tick away!

Stay grateful!



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