Beautiful Brunswick



Sleepy Sunday morning, my kids and I didn’t stir until about 8.30am this morning! What a treat. After a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon and pancakes, the discussion of ‘what are we doing today’ arose.

Several suggestions from my boys, like buy toys, buy a magazine, or an ice cream. We didn’t run with any of those opting for a drive to Brunswick Heads.

I am so glad we did, the boys ran around madly in the play ground, we threw stones into the crystal clear water, walked around the shops and streets. Ate hot chips at the hotel garden and laughed and enjoyed the sunshine.

I love that my children enjoy type of day, my beautiful daughter sat and chatted with me as the boys  did their thing. Time together is so precious, I will never take the time I have my kids all to myself for granted, I love that they want to be around me and talk and play.

We had a truly wonderful day and cant wait until the next weekends trip.


Today I am  grateful for my children’s affection and kisses!

Three kisses



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