15 Minutes!



What can you achieve in 15 minutes? My first response to this question was, not much. Well I was wrong!

I decided to take up this challenge in my endless efforts for balance, checking off the seemingly endless to do list and actually do things I wanted to, AND actually achieve and work towards my goals! Whew!

So I sat down and re wrote my weekly schedule, firstly putting in all the ‘have to do’s’, like feed the kids and take them to school. Next I put in all my exercise and work commitments.

Then I looked at what I actually wanted, what I wanted to achieve. I have been wanting to learn piano for years but could never quite find an hour, I have always meant to write a daily blog, work on my photography project that I LOVE, but somehow never found the time.

Guess what? I allocated three 15 minute blocks per day to these three important things that make me happy in my schedule! And it works, I am dedicated to giving just 15 minutes to these things every day. Most days it starts out feeling like a chore, another I have to, within a couple of minutes into each activity, I’m loving it, loving the improvements in my piano skills, my photography project is gaining momentum and I have endless subjects to write blogs about – all in 15 minutes!

So get your Jamie Oliver on, if he can create a meal in 15 minutes, think what you can do with your goals, your dreams and loves in 15 minutes a day! Do it!!!


Today I am grateful for my daily green tea and fresh slice of ginger – I’m addicted!

Three kisses



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