To say I am super duper excited is an understatement! Finally some hard work (fun hard work) is starting to pay off, and actually move somewhere.

Curvaceous is the name of my book full of photography and all things woman! And by 5th September this year it will be a real published little baby of mine.

I’m thinking of posting blogs until then about Curvaceous and its contents, and maybe some of the images too. It is a wonderful feeling working on something you love so much and feel so passionate about.

Expect lots of interaction and lots of information on everything woman. The layout is almost complete (end of February) and then onto my favourite parts, research, recording and photography!

Today I had coffee with my lovely friend Michele who always inspires me to keeping going and reminds me to keep on goal, and to have fun on the way, after all that’s what it’s all about, right?

Today I am grateful for cuddles my little Zack gave me this morning as he woke up, and I feel grateful I get to do what I love everyday~!

Three Kissess xxx

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