Hot Shots  – Top Photography Tips – For Beginners

Top Photography Tips #2 – Art and Photography For Happiness


Two of my very favourite things! Live it, love it, do it, emmerse yourself  in it, find it, buy it!


What I love the most about art and photography is that you love what you love, as simple as that. There is no right or wrong in your perception or love for a style, piece or image, it is completely at your discretion. Trust your eye and your heart.


What you love is purely what you eye tells you, you love. Your eye, not what another person thinks of the art and photography you love. It’s not an active decision, you view something and like it, love it or you don’t.


When I view a piece or image for the first time and I love it, I relish the feeling of joy that comes over me and the emotions that certain art and photography evoke. It is a type of happiness that I actively search for.


I enjoy immensely, my treasure hunting days that I schedule into my week. I enjoy finding hidden beautiful pieces, especially from unlikely sources, like finding a fabulous little hole on the wall second hand store or gallery in a small town. Truly makes my day. Leave me on a wonderful happiness high.


Art and photography makes you happy! Even just looking at images or pieces in galleries and boutiques, or in books, magazines and online can lift your day. So do yourself a favour and go and find what art and photography you love!


Next top tip blog is on lighting – stay tuned.

Today I am grateful for the new beginnings of a brand new year!

Three kisses

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