True Friends


True friends, what an essential life need! I adore my friends, because they are true!
I decided some time ago that I was only going to surround myself with people that truly loved, cared and supported me.

What a difference this decision made to my life. I soon found that I worried less and cared little for what others thought of me. This is not to say that I don’t care for other peoples feelings, it was more that I started to care about mine too.

It is liberating to surround myself with like minded people that cared about me.
Sometimes all you need, in your time of need is to have someone listen and offer a shoulder over a cup of tea.

It’s not the number of friends you have it’s the number of friends you can count on.
I feel blessed to have a wonderful group of friends that can count on me and I them.

Today I am grateful for my friends.

Three kisses

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