Hot Shots – Top Photography Tips – For Beginners



Welcome to our first post of Hot Shots – Top Photography Tips! A weekly post of our top tips for beginners will be posted among our other blogs and posts here at rose lane. I hope you find them interesting and helpful and inspire you to get out there and take great photos. Feel free to add any helpful comments, and suggestions for what tips we can offer in future posts.

Top Photography Tips #1 – Love taking photo’s and take lots of them!

Sounds so simple, but like anything you do, you have to love it, to be your best. Do what you love and love what you do! And the more photos you take the better you will get.

To start out just get out there and start taking photos, of anything and everything, take several shots of the same subject, from different angles, up close and further away, and if your super keen at different times of day for different lighting effects. You can then choose which one represents the subject best, and which one/s you love the most!

Take your camera on your walks, to the beach, to your friends house, visit your favourite places with camera in hand.

You will soon discover what you love taking photos of the most, what gives you the most joy, and as you take more and more watch your images get better and better! The shots you enjoy taking the most will more than likely be your best ones.



I love my kids and love capturing their adventures! I took loads of shots of the above shot, but this one was my favourite, I love the lighting and how its captured them unaware making it a real moment.


Stay tuned for for Hot Shots – Top Photography Tips #2! Until then get out there and snap up your favourite things!

Today I am grateful for the four people in this shot -they make my heart sing!

Three kisses xxx



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