In Need of Mummy Love


Another amazing day, the sun was shining again this morning after another impressive storm last night.

Sensing my beautiful teenage daughter was in much need of some ‘mummy love’ decided to give her the day off school to just hang out together. Wise choice! After an hour long walk along the beach,  chatting the entire way, she got to debrief her recent days at school, I could visibly see her shoulders droppings as the words tumbled from her mouth,  I just need to add the occasional ‘ah ha’, to let her know I was listening and hearing her.

Sometimes breaking the rules of not going to school and work are the best things, sometimes there are other things to learn, and other things that are more important like help build and nurture a happy child. A quote I read recently was, ‘it’s easier to build a happy child, than fix a broken adult’, so I like to think I’m building happy children.

A swim to cool off and brekkie together at out favourite local cafe, and her shoulders are almost back to where they should sit.

Home and a little work had to be done before heading out to stroll the local shops…..

The bookstore, the surf shop, the dress shops mixed with chats to friends in the street, and a coffee stop were all left in our wake, of our days events! I love being around my daughter, in fact I love being around all my children especially one on one,  and being able to hear them uninterrupted, which is a frequent occurance in our home of 6!

I truly enjoyed my day with my daughter today and I hope it is one of many over the years. I love the connection the closeness the trust in our relationship.

Home again just prior to having go and collect my boys from school, I thought I would quickly check in with work that I had totally and gladly neglected today. Tapping away on my keyboard , my daughter pokes her head in my office and says, ‘thanks mum, I really love you’.

A priceless moment that makes my heart sing for pure joy! She is walking a little taller this afternoon and smiling a little wider. Its makes me feel so happy.

Today I am SO grateful for my daughters trust in me.

Three Kisses (especially to her xxx)


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