Surround yourself with the right people



I love living in Kingscliff it’s a beautiful beach town, perfect for young children to grow up, surfing, skating, riding bike and going to the beach!

I love how community sticks together, business helping business, neighbour helping neighbour, families supporting the surf clubs and schools. I’ve lived here for 5 years and have got to know a lot of the locals now, my children have developed fantastic friends and through them I have made friends with their parents. Weekend bbq’s and afternoons at the surf club, the kids doing nippers and playing sport, life is lovely.

We have so many wonderful businesses here in Kingscliff, I thought it might be nice to introduce one on my blog at least every month.

There are lots of fabulous people and characters to meet so stay tuned.

Today I am grateful for my health, it enabled me to swim 22 laps at the pool today!

Three Kisses xxx

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