Collecting Treasures



Had a great day today! I spent part of it hunting for gorgeous collectable treasures. One of my favourite past times. I started out going for a drive hoping to find ‘that shot’, wasn’t to be today, however had a lovely drive listening to some of my fav tunes!

The picture above are today’s favourite finds, I love them! The vase is for a single stem, and the little candle holder is a Japanese piece I adore.  I am hoping to collect all sorts of treasures and out them on our website once it launches (not too far away) that is if I can bring myself to part with any of it. So anything pretty, inspiring, odd or quirky is in danger of me finding it and adding it to my collection. Perhaps hoarding is becoming my thing?

All in all a wonderful day, sun was shining, managed to fit in an exercise class and grocery shopping as well.

Today I am grateful for the sun shining today!

Three Kisses xxx



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