I am always intrigued when something you have planned for and worked hard on, doesn’t quite come off, or go to plan. Then something completely unexpected and great happens because of this. I find is particularly true of photography shoots or trying to write on more than a couple of occasions.

Recently I was in a very trying photo shoot with my incredibly beautiful and talented daughter, where nothing went quite to plan, the scene of green lush grass,  had browned over the previous few days of no rain, the props weren’t quite right, she was in a very silly mood then very quickly over it! Oh well that’s life and that’s photography!

A little disappointed walking back into the house afterward I was thinking about this new beginning for me and how I must do a profile pic for my pages.

Not one to like being in front of the camera, preferring to be behind it a great deal more. I passed my daughters mirror hanging on her wardrobe door so took a few quick reflected images with my camera, showing enough of myself, but making more about the light and camera – spontaneous! It turns out I really like it, and after checking with my best friend for confirmation that it was indeed a good accurate self portrait, made it my profile pic!

Normally I would have agonised over this for days, and perhaps not captured this image.

So today I am grateful for knowing that, sometimes, maybe a lot of the time things don’t go to plan, however there is a little bit of good in every situation!

Three kisses xxx

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