Tips for when the words won’t come

Writing – I love it! Not so much though when the words dry up and I’m in the mood to put something down.

These a few simple tips that help me.

1. Walk away – seriously and keep walking preferably somewhere pretty and inspiring

2. Breathe – try not to get flustered go and make a cup of herbal tea and chill out for a bit

3. Take a note pad and pen everywhere – it will be the most unlucky time and place and the line you were missing or sentence that you just couldn’t finish will pop into your head (especially when you go to bed! – watch the ideas fly!)

4. Write early in the morning – your fresh as a daisy and nothing as come into your mind to clutter it

5. Stop and think about what your writing about and jot down some notes, look over inspiring images, previous notes

6. Dare I say a glass of your favourite beverage – sit back relax and enjoy! Remember its fun!

Happy writing!!!

Today I am grateful for my lovely writing paper.

Three kisses xxx


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